Our masks are thick but very easy to breath through as well. This face mask is made of 3 layers of Premium cotton material.  A metal strip at the top of the mask which can be pinched to fit the mask around your nose is available. The mask has a 3D shape so it will fit more comfortably over your face  and is available with a pocket for filter insert. Unisex and one size fits most.


 * Pleated-Style 3 layers Cotton material

 *Pleated-Style With a Filter Pocket  (PM2.5 filter incl) 

 *Pleated -Style with Invisible Metal Strip


While homemade face masks are not medical-grade and are not in any way a substitute for N95 or surgical masks, they could potentially discourage touching your face and signal that you're trying to protect yourself and others.

It's best to wash cloth masks after each use. Consider having several  masks per person so there can always be a fresh one on hand.

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